Branda v3.3.0 – WordPress website branding plugin


Branda v3.3.0 – WordPress website branding plugin

Branda v3.3.0 – Branda (Ultimate Branding) – A plugin that will help carry out a full branding of your site. Add your brand logos, change the login form and all items that do not match your brand. Finally, thanks to the Branda plugin, you will get a unique website that will constantly keep your brand logo and name in view, and increase recognition. The plugin allows you to quickly replace the WordPress logo with your brand logo and also, wherever the word WordPress is mentioned, insert your brand name.

The plugin allows you to change the login form, displaying it in the style of your own company and completely change the structure of WordPress so that users cannot see the slightest hints of another brand name.

Replace the WordPress logo on the login screen with any image in the media library. Add a background image or completely redesign the login screen with custom design elements, colors, and fonts.

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Using this plugin, you can change both the site itself and the WordPress site management system beyond recognition. Users will not be able to understand that your site uses WordPress CMS. All parameters are configured and edited, it is also possible to make changes by editing the standard code provided by the plugin.


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